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Edwin Atherton Internazionale Detective Agenzia con sede a Cheyenne, Wyoming, è specializzata in:
We are proud to serve as the exclusive private investigator agency for Feinstein & Sullivan.

Su Edwin Atherton

Un nuovo generazionale detective agenzia tesoro del passato legati

Here at Edwin Atherton, we understand that in these modern times, you have to work with an agency that knows how to efficiently utilize the most comprehensive software and combine it with traditional wisdom and investigative methods. Learning from the past and combining it with the use of cutting-edge technology is what yields the best results. Our network reaches far beyond our borders, capable of retrieving information on individuals and businesses in over 143 countries at the moment. Our connections in the financial sector, licensed investigators, and lawyers in various jurisdictions allow our ever-expanding reach to deliver results to our clientele.

You may wonder about who we are, but we are more than just a person or two behind this company. We are part of a global network. When you do business with Edwin Atherton, you have instant access to a large network of professionals who are at the top of their respective fields. All this, while being able to keep one point of contact and without any additional outreach.

Il servizio che vi offriamo è seconda a nessuno. Infatti, solo meno di una manciata di aziende che possono fare quello che facciamo con efficienza e di essere in grado di pensare fuori della scatola. Sappiamo che oggi viviamo in un risultato orientato al mondo e ci sforziamo di raggiungere i loro. Si inizia con la definizione di aspettative a destra e chiara comunicazione con i nostri clienti. Ognuno di Edwin Atherton sostiene tali norme e siamo ansiosi di guadagnare il vostro business.

We take clients on a case-by-case basis. Take a look at our services below and let us know if we can assist you. Have a unique case? Reach out to us and let us know the details.

Our Detective Agency specializes in:

Asset Ricerche

Conoscete qualcuno che legalmente deve soldi e ha una sentenza contro la persona o entità, ma l'individuo non mostrando alcuna attività sulla carta? È quell'entità che vivono una vita lussuosa, mentre sulla carta non ha nulla da mostrare e non è quindi in grado di far rispettare il vostro giudizio? Si può essere in grado di aiutare!

La Frode Finanziaria Indagini

Sei una vittima di una frode e non riesci a trovare la necessaria prova? Non si sospetta che una persona o entità di eventuali illeciti finanziari, ma non puoi dimostrarlo? Fatecelo sapere e possiamo sicuramente guardare dentro. I confini non sono problema per noi. Siamo in grado di lavorare all'interno di tutti i 50 stati degli USA e a livello Internazionale in 143 paesi totale.

Completo Di Controlli In Background

Avete mai chiesto a qualcuno del passato? Si scava in profondità per scoprire la verità su qualcuno di storia. Ottenere un rapporto dettagliato su qualcuno entro 48 ore.

Offshore Banking Indagini

Do you suspect someone hiding assets from you? Are you considering a divorce? Does someone owe you money and you have some information about this person hiding money offshore? Let us know the details and we may be able to help you.

Background Checks
Our capabilities extend to conducting background checks on individuals worldwide, whether they are native to the USA or born abroad. Additionally, we offer monthly monitoring services, alerting clients if the individual in question appears on any global list or accrues a criminal record. Depending on the privacy laws of the respective countries, we can furnish clients with comprehensive details about the individual.
Want to know what the INTERPOL has on file about you? We can get this information for $3,500

Why is it so expensive?
We manually have to request this information from INTERPOL via internationally traceable certified mail. Sometimes there is correspondence back and forth between the agency and us to obtain this. The entire process nowadays can take up to 4 months and we also have to work with a law firm who can correspond on our behalf in Lyon, France with INTERPOL HQ. This is one of the hardest information to obtain on any individual but it is possible with Edwin Atherton. 

What type of background checks do we offer?


Typically Includes:
  • Name History (current name and former names used)
  • Phone numbers (current and past)
  • Relatives and Associates
  • Neighbors with address/name/phone number/email
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Drivers licenses
  • Address History (current and historical)
  • Tax Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies
  • Employment information
  • Eviction/Foreclosure records
  • Professional Licenses and Business Licenses
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Associated E-mail Addresses
  • Real estate ownership
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Aircraft/Vessel/other asset ownership
  • Website/Domain registration data
  • DBA/FEIN Records
  • Corporate records


Typically Includes:
  • Everything from the USA background check
  • Cross-referencing people from over 1,500 watchlists from 180+ countries from a database of over 5+ million people
  • Sanctions + Terrorist list: All 37 FATF member countries and 180+ observing members.
  • Criminal & Enforcement Lists: All 37 FATF member countries and 180+ observing members, including INTERPOL red notice.
  • Regulatory Authority Lists: All as mandated by FATF including HIO
  • PEP Lists: Over 198 countries at the Federal level plus RCAs.
  • High-Risk Business Lists: Owners of Cannabis Related Businesses, MSBs, Casinos, and more.
  • Adverse Media Lists from over 10,000 news sources: All 37 FATF member countries and 180+ observing members.
We acknowledge reliance upon diverse software systems and sources, recognizing that their outputs may not invariably achieve absolute accuracy. Consequently, we retain the prerogative to exercise due diligence in mitigating errors and omissions to the best of our ability, notwithstanding the inherent limitations of such endeavors.
“L'eccellenza è un'arte che ha vinto con la formazione e assuefazione. Noi non agire giustamente, perché abbiamo la virtù, o l'eccellenza, ma piuttosto sono quelli, perché abbiamo agito giustamente. Siamo ciò che facciamo ripetutamente. L'eccellenza non è un atto ma un'abitudine.”
- Will Durant
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